"putting the woo back in woo woo!"


the book on fire (podcast)

readings + discussions for the these tangled times with herbalists janet kent + dave meesters

cailleach’s herbarium (blog)

scottish folk magic + animism

competent care for transgender, genderqueer, + non-binary folks

resources for practitioners

dori midnight (herbalist)

herbal writings, workshops on reconnecting with jewish ancestral traditions, + herbal support for gender variant folks

gather (blog)

herbal cooking, crafting, myth, + lore (recipes!)

henriette’s herbs (archive)

largest + oldest online herb forum, plus lots of classic herbal texts (thank you henriette!)


knowledge shares, education, herbs, + community


60+ plant monographs

herbal support for top surgery (zine)

by jakery

jim mcdonald’s herbcraft (herbalist)

herbal writings, links, + resources

larken bunce (herbalist)

herbs for stress, trauma, + resilience

northeast school of botanical medicine (school, herbalist)

herbalist 7song’s handouts, articles, + videos

rosalee de la foret (article)

great article on why your herbs may not be working

radical vitalism (blog)

another great offering by herbalists janet kent + dave meesters

mountain gardens (non-profit)

plant profile videos, info on growing + using herbs (check out their youtube channel!)

mountain rose herbs (blog)

basic recipes for making your own salves, creams, + tonics

prism wellness (article)

herbs for transitioning; masculinizing + feminizing herbs

the root circle (herbalist)

online classes + writings on italian folk medicine

united plant savers (non-profit)

species-at-risk list + other resources

wild seed school (school)

herbal resources, writings, + learning opportunities