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Indigenous Plant Memory Matching Card Game by Strong Nations Publishing


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This Indigenous Plant Memory Matching Card Game is created by Indigenous author, Terri Mack, and can be used as a stand-along teaching tool, or as part of the Animals Care for Mother Earth Indigenous Learning Bundle. This set contains 25 cards, including one instructional card and two each of the following: Bitter-root, Blue Camas, Burdock, Cat-tail, Devil’s Club, Fireweed, Kinnikinnick, Licorice Fern, Oregon Grape, Soapberry, Stinging Nettle & Tiger Lily. These cards are printed on Stone Paper. This eco-friendly paper alternative is made from stone, not trees! Stone Paper is tear-resistant, uses no lamination, and does not use trees, water, or harmful chemicals and dyes in its production. The cards are also biodegradable. While they can be used outside, store cards in the shade or away from direct sunlight.