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Airmid's Journal: Issue 3


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“And so we step through another threshold, another drop of the spindle. Inviting us to allow that which no longer serves to drop to the earth, pulled toward the land, growing rich and fertile soil into which we can bury those seeds for medicine to grow.” Airmid’s Journal is a beautiful new zine series of practical magic, history, and lore. Rooted in its native Ireland, the knowledge found in these pages will instruct and inspire healers, scholars, and seekers the world over. The Samhain 2021 issue of Airmid’s Journal brings together a keen host of contributing writers, their work richly illustrated by Seán Fitzgerald and friends. Following an opening editorial, its featured art and articles include… Weaving Story Ritual on the Queer Directions, by Rue McDonald with Otis Bell ‘Cromm Crúaich’, by Votive Illustration Fraochán, by Denise Conroy (Votive Illustration) Ceíst Na Teangan: The Language Issue, by Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill The Spiritual in the Mundane, by Lora O’Brien Queering Ancestral Connection for Decolonial Healing, by Mica McDonald (Airmid’s Almanac) The Wonder of Ella Young, by Seán Fitzgerald The Druid Garden, by Seán Ó Gaoithín Belonging: A Practice of Grief & Pleasure with Yarrow, by Kenzie Khaliq (Wild Faith Wellness) ‘If you go down to the woods’, by Dee Mulrooney Published by Wild Awake (Ireland) Softcover 28 pages 150 x 210 mm