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Airmid's Journal: Issue 1


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“As the acorns ripened and fell to the ground, the last of the nettles produced seed and the Cailleach took up her blackthorn staff, the dream of “Airmid’s Journal” was borne.” Airmid’s Journal is a beautiful new zine series of practical magic, history, and lore. Rooted in its native Ireland, the knowledge found in these pages will instruct and inspire healers, scholars, and seekers the world over. The July 2020 issue of Airmid’s Journal is the first in the series. It brings together a keen host of contributing writers, their work richly illustrated by Seán Fitzgerald and friends. Following an opening editorial, its featured art and articles include… The Curse of the Fairy Tree, by Linda Gallagher In Conversation with Activist / Nature Guardian Mary Reynolds, with Seán Fitzgerald Grasping the Nettle, by Lucy O’Hagan Yarrow, by Seán Fitzgerald Straif, by Denise Conroy (Votive Illustration) Returning to Our Traditions, by Tara Ní Máirín (Catalyst Community Herbals) Airmid’s Blessing of Healing Plants, by Laurel Ronan The Dandelion in Ancestral Food, Medicine & Magic, by Seán Fitzgerald Gathering Biolar with Native Irish Folk Herbalist Margaret Kitty, by Lucy O’Hagan ‘Stone of Divisions’, by Seán Fitzgerald Great Mullein (Nockull A Gidge), by Oein DeBhairduin ‘Chickweed’, back cover art by Seán Fitzgerald Published by Wild Awake (Ireland) Softcover 28 pages 150 x 210 mm