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Viriditas Apothecary + Farm

Viriditas Apothecary is a small scale medicinal, flower and vegetable farm located on the traditional and unceded territory of thelək̓ʷəŋən(Lekwungen) peoples
Born of a desire to make medicinal plants and food more accessible, Marae farms using organic regenerative practices to promote resiliency and health of the soil, water, and local flora and fauna.
‘Viriditas’ is a Latin term coined by late abbess and mystic Hildegard von Bingen to describe the ‘greening power’ – healing force or verdant divinity innate to plants an the natural world.
Find Marae working behind the counter at our shopfront, in the fields growing herbs and flowers for the apothecary, and if you’re lucky, in some of the medicines available under the counter!

Forest Heart Botanicals

Forest Heart Botanicals is owned and operated by Larkin Schmiedl, a queer trans person residing on Salt Spring Island, the traditional unceded territory of the SENĆOŦEN-speaking people the W̱SÁNEĆ (“Saanich” – specifically the Tsawout people), & Hul’qumi’num’-speaking peoples the Quw’utsun (“Cowichan”), Penelakut, and Hwlitsum.
Larkin strives to provide high-quality herbal medicine services, driven by the desire for ecological and social justice. He sees herbal medicine as one way we can connect more deeply with nature, and believes strengthening that connection is one of the most vital things needed in the world today.
Building reciprocal relationships with plants that encourage their flourishing as much as providing medicine is deeply important to him.
Larkin is descended from German, Scottish & English ancestors, and as a settler he works to support the resurgence of Indigenous cultures on the lands where he lives and harvests. He sees this work as a continual deepening into his desire to support decolonization and the health of the land.
Larkin organically grows 28% of the plant medicine he makes in his gardens (medicines like milky oats, chamomile, skullcap, passionflower, marshmallow root), respectfully wildcrafts 28% (medicines such as hawthorn, nettles, horsetail), and purchases 44% organically grown from high-quality sources (feel free to ask if you\’d like more details about sourcing). He is excited to be able to grow an ever-increasing amount of medicine in his gardens!
He works to create a supportive space for all bodies & abilities in his practice. His focus is on meeting clients where they are with their health goals without judgment. As a practitioner who lives with chronic pain, Larkin has a personal understanding of health limits. He views his work from a harm reduction perspective.
He also takes all the plant pictures you’ll see if you visit his website! Larkin loves to geek out about plants & hopes you’ll join him.
Find his tinctures, salves, and greeting cards under the counter, at our shopfront!

Alexis Hennig

I am a Registered Herbal Therapist (RHT) with the Canadian Herbalist Association of British Columbia (CHA of BC) and a nature Photographer.
Having been raised in a very health-conscious and nature-loving family, using natural remedies for health concerns has always been second nature for me. I have always had a love for the outdoors and medicine-making, and as a small child I could often be found with my hands in the dirt helping my horticulturist mother. As I grew older, you would find me climbing trees, hiking in the Alberta mountains with my family, or in my greenhouse “Laboratory” making up various concoctions. In my teenage years I discovered my passion for photography, and ever since I have tried to capture and share the magic of the natural world through a lens.
Since becoming a herbalist, my love and respect for plants and nature has grown even more. Every day I am humbled and inspired by the power and wisdom of the Plant Nation, and how they can so profoundly affect our lives. It is my goal to share this beauty and magic through both my passion for medicine-making and through my photography.
Find her flower essences in our medicine cabinet and in-person at our shopfront!

Learn More Phi Farm

Phi Farm is a small farm located in the rural area of Otter Point on Vancouver Island overlooking the Juan De Fuca Strait. The farm’s name comes from a recognition that, throughout nature, there exists an intelligence and vitalism. We work with this understanding, utilizing biodynamic practices, to grow a diverse variety of medicinal herbs, that are then supplied to local purveyors.
As biodynamic farmers, it is important to us to produce our own fertilizer and this is where our resident Romney sheep excel, ensuring the soil thrives for generations to come. In addition, they supply the farm with an abundance of cuteness, as well as some of the finest cruelty-free wool fibre. Through biodynamics the farm is able to maximize the vital potency of the plant medicine we grow. We are also able to grow regeneratively by cycling nutrients and manure that, in turn, nurtures and builds the soil. It is a beautiful organic methodology that embraces biodiversity and harmonizes the land to the cycles of nature.
Find their biodynamically farmed herbs in our apothecary and their medicines under the counter at our shopfront!