Curb-Side Pickup and Delivery within Canada Available Now!

Our Dispensary

Our dispensary, or plant library!, holds over 400 organically cultivated, fairly traded, regionally grown, whole + powdered, dried herbs and they are all available by the gram! We support small scale, worker-owned farms using regenerative growing practices + indigenous-led land management wherever possible… and larger scale organic cultivation + fair trade certification where it is not.
It is both a daily practice + a life long work + you can trust us to make decisions that minimize harm + prioritize the well being of all involved (and to acknowledge the gaps + continue the learning where we don’t).

Available For Order

Offering Pick-up and local delivery to victoria

Dried Herbs

400+ local and organic dried herbs


Tinctures, medicine making ingredients and more!


Infused and essential oils

Fresh Sheet

Always changing list of the current fresh herbs we offer

What do I need to know before placing an order?

  • herbs are found more quickly + accurately when listed by latin name, however will do our best with any name you give us as we endeavour to deepen our learning as to all of the common + uncommon names given by us + in all of the tongues that have loved them
  • herbs are weighed + priced by the gram
  • orders must be a minimum of 10 grams per herb listed
  • herbs are packaged in recycled kraft paper bags unless you specify otherwise (please inquire for list of alternative packaging options currently available)
  • remember: herb volume by weight varies greatly (if you are not used to purchasing herbs by the gram, we recommend starting with the 10g minimum or e-mailing us ahead of time for a quote)
  • all bulk herbs are final sale and cannot be returned
  • a small discount is available for folks experiencing barriers (please inquire)