"putting the woo back in woo woo!"


It Is Also The Daily Practice Of Community Herbalist,
Anna Jacquet.

After completing over 2100 hours of formal study + training through Pacific Rim College, Anna made the switch from coffee shops to care work to try to pay her bills. She kept up her learning through reading + self-study, whilst growing + learning from the herbs in pots on her front steps. It was during this time, a time of great loss + much grief, that a deep friendship with Calamus was born and her relationships with all herbs + medicine itself began to change once more, taking much of her book learning to a different place. Burning Rosemary to honour her dead, Bay to encourage abundance for self + community, Mugwort to aid in divination + dreamwork... The path is long and there is much to learn... more than one lifetime’s worth! Thanks to the loving support of her mother, Sandra Christensen, however, and their shared love of green muses + community web building, green muse herbs was made flesh in 2020 and Anna is able to do just that, 365 days a year.

What we Offer.

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