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About us...

Green Muse Herbs is a community focused herb shop, dispensary, + studio operating on Lək̓ʷəŋən territory.

It is also the daily practice of folk + medical herbalist, Anna Jacquet.

After completing over 2100 hours of formal study + training through Pacific Rim College, Anna made the switch from coffee shops to care work to try to pay her bills. She kept up her herbal learning through reading + self-study, whilst growing + learning from the herbs in pots on her front steps. It was during this time, a time of personal loss + grief, that a deep friendship with Calamus was born and her relationships with all herbs + medicine itself began to change again, taking much of her book learning + clinical practice to a different place. Tracing + seeking out her family's ancestral medicines, she began burning Rosemary to honour her dead... Bay to encourage abundance for self + community... Mugwort to aid in divination + dreamwork... she hoped to one day offer this same connection, care, + communion she had found, with others in her community.

Thanks to the loving support of her mother, Sandra Christensen, and their shared love of green muses + community web building, Green Muse Herbs was made flesh in 2020 and Anna is able to do just that, 365 days a year.

She would like to extend a warm thank you, to you, as well, for considering to spend your hard earned dollars here at the shop or through the dispensary portal.

Here's to growing together ❤︎

What do we offer?

1) A herbal dispensary featuring: hundreds of dried herbs, tinctures + other extracts, medicine making supplies, protective vessels, tools + equipment, and much much more, please click here

2) A communal herbcraft studio + learning hub featuring: knowledge sharing opportunities with local herbalists, community medicine making circles, herbal study groups, and much much more, please click here

3) A herbal gift shop featuring: handmade adornments, ready made herbal medicines, our hand-tied saining wands, local small press lit, hand dipped beeswax candles, foil-wrapped chocolate frogs, and much much more, please click here